Windermere Course

The Brathay Windermere Marathon Course

A beautiful course starting and finishing at Brathay Hall, just round the corner from Ambleside at the north end of Windermere. The first half is quiet, passing through Hawkshead on the way down to Lakeside and Newby Bridge. The main challenge is an awesome hill at mile 7. Beautiful spectating country all along the west side of the course.

The second half takes you up the main road from Newby Bridge to Bowness and Ambleside before you round the tip of the lake and return to Brathay to finish on the main lawn in front of the Hall, with a view over Windermere to die for!

This second half is constantly hilly and undulating until Bowness. This third quarter is the most difficult part of the course but when you reach Bowness you only have 6 miles to go.

There is a steep but short hill at mile 21 we call Ice Cream mountain because there is often an ice cream van in the lay-by at the top. Once past here the running is easier and pleasant!


And a video of the Brathay Windermere Marathon 2012: