Monday, 1 May 2017

London 2017

It was hot! 

Okay to just after half way and then had to slow.
I became encrusted with salt, had to drink more than usual and slow down.
So first half in a respectable 2:11; finish in 4:46

Importantly I maintained decorum at all time – no loosening of the bow tie, or unbuttoning of the collar.

The DJ was harder than last year’s suit. It was more restrictive due to slimmer fit; heavier material; legs had to push against the suit so got more tired; shirt almost double thickness due to pleated front and double cuffs. Plus cummerbund! And much hotter weather.

However, it was much loved by the crowds! Tux Man, Bond, 007, very dapper, best dressed man in the marathon, oooooh!, at least someone’s made an effort …….

So that’s it – out of retirement for Cavendish and an amazing total of over £5000 including gift aid. Thank you everybody – you are very kind and generous. And now I slip back into retirement …..

(I do have white tie and evening tails …. But that’s got to be worth over £10,000!!!)  

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