Monday, 3 April 2017

End of the Road ......

But not for me!!!!

Saturday was the last morning at Quirke’s gym, a farewell. And what a send-off! Mick Quirke is a legend and the turn out proved that. World champions, TV presenters, boxing royalty, bodybuilding greats. Here I am with a very short loan of Junior Witter’s WBC Light Welterweight World Champion’s belt!

And with Mick himself.

My training has been disjointed, having to take a week off because “flipper” has been playing up – another reminder of why I retired from road marathons. But on Friday I managed over 20 hilly miles with relative comfort – so I should at least finish in London! Saturday was a decent cycle to Quirkes and back, followed by a quick 6 miles on Sunday.

This week I will be without gym for the first time in living memory – so it’ll be my own “garage gym” and some running – round a trip to Glasgow to see Dave Scott and my Mongolian adventure friends at an evening “do” with the British Mongolian Chamber of Commerce.

Then final long run on Saturday before I wind down a bit prior to London. Some of it enforced as I must fast for a day and other unpleasant things for my 3 monthly check-up next week. Just what you need before a marathon. But a great reminder of why I am running for Cavendish Cancer Care.

Anyhow it will help to ensure I still fit in my running kit …… I think I will turn up at my new gym wearing it! I’ve decided to join the English Institute of Sport for a couple of months until the new “real” gym opens. “We insist you wear sports kit Mr Heaton” “I’m running the London Marathon in it – how much more sporty do you want??”

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