Monday, 17 April 2017

London Calling

On Sunday I’m coming out of road marathon running retirement for one last amazing day running the London Marathon.

You may remember I’m doing it because Cavendish Cancer Care got a bond place in this their 25th Anniversary year ….. and had nobody to run it for them. So they looked in Yellow Pages and found me under Marathon Runner for Hire. Despite my protestations of retirement I found myself saying yes to the ever persuasive Tim Pryor.

Yes because Cavendish is a small but very well loved South Yorkshire charity.
Yes because they provide counselling care for whole families including the children of sufferers.
Yes because I’d have liked that in 1973 when my Father died of cancer
Yes because I was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumour myself in 2016

And in many ways it is a fitting book-end to my road marathon running exploits which started on the streets of London in 1995 – 22 years ago.

Training has been tough – largely because I found it difficult to keep going out and putting in the long hard flat (ish) miles. Although as always once I’d made a start it was fine if a little tedious.

I also had the joys of a 3 month check-up before my last long training run. This involves fasting and the euphemistically referred to “bowel prep” – in other words catastrophic laxative! In 24 hours I lost 11 lbs (5kgs)!!

To celebrate all of this I shall be dressing for the occasion on Sunday and running the marathon like this:

If it’s hot I’ll melt and take it very easily. If it’s wet I’ll get very heavy and take it very easily. If it’s perfect conditions I’ll still take it very easily! I shall, however, remain properly attired for the full 26.2 miles – no loosening of the bow tie or any other lapse of etiquette. I expect a high chafing factor in the midlands and will apply anti-chafing factor 40 accordingly.

Whatever it takes and no matter how long I’m out there I will complete and I will enjoy it. Thanks to your incredible generosity I’ve already raised nearly £3500. This amount of money provides a full package of care for 8 whole families. This is life changing thank you. And there’s still time to sponsor me if you would like to – the link is on the right at the top of the page.

Next stop – London! 

Monday, 3 April 2017

End of the Road ......

But not for me!!!!

Saturday was the last morning at Quirke’s gym, a farewell. And what a send-off! Mick Quirke is a legend and the turn out proved that. World champions, TV presenters, boxing royalty, bodybuilding greats. Here I am with a very short loan of Junior Witter’s WBC Light Welterweight World Champion’s belt!

And with Mick himself.

My training has been disjointed, having to take a week off because “flipper” has been playing up – another reminder of why I retired from road marathons. But on Friday I managed over 20 hilly miles with relative comfort – so I should at least finish in London! Saturday was a decent cycle to Quirkes and back, followed by a quick 6 miles on Sunday.

This week I will be without gym for the first time in living memory – so it’ll be my own “garage gym” and some running – round a trip to Glasgow to see Dave Scott and my Mongolian adventure friends at an evening “do” with the British Mongolian Chamber of Commerce.

Then final long run on Saturday before I wind down a bit prior to London. Some of it enforced as I must fast for a day and other unpleasant things for my 3 monthly check-up next week. Just what you need before a marathon. But a great reminder of why I am running for Cavendish Cancer Care.

Anyhow it will help to ensure I still fit in my running kit …… I think I will turn up at my new gym wearing it! I’ve decided to join the English Institute of Sport for a couple of months until the new “real” gym opens. “We insist you wear sports kit Mr Heaton” “I’m running the London Marathon in it – how much more sporty do you want??”