Sunday, 12 March 2017

Hard Miles for Cavendish

I’ve remembered why I retired from running road marathons! It’s hard work – well the training to get yourself fit enough is.

I’ve not really been totally fit for this sort of marathon running since I ran London in April last year. This might sound odd as I have since run marathons in extreme conditions in Greenland and Outer Mongolia. But for both of those I knew I could complete and other factors such as strength and strength endurance came into play.

Back on the road in the UK it’s about consistent pace for a long time on even ground. I discovered long ago that just because I could run on the hills didn’t mean I could run a flat road marathon well. It’s the same muscles doing almost exactly the same thing mile after mile for a long time – and it negates my strength which is my strength. I’ve always done relatively better on so-called tough courses.

So a flat track 24 miles on Wednesday followed by a 12 Gym 12 yesterday. And both were very hard work. But I’ve got time to get a bit better yet!

12 Gym 12?? Well I run from home to my gym – 12 miles, but mostly and overall significantly downhill. And then I do a full gym session in my most favourite training habitat. Nip for a coffee at Costa, then run back home – 12 miles significantly uphill!

Here I am amidst the gym:

And I’m putting in the hard miles one last time for Cavendish Cancer Care. I was diagnosed with a rare cancer myself last year so this is personal!!

It would be brilliant if you could sponsor me for a few pounds and a huge thanks to everyone who already has. Every little counts. It really does.

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