Thursday, 12 January 2017

Running With Wolves

Here I am ready for final kit testing. 9 miles in this and unbelievably I wasn’t shot or arrested!

It’s a balaclava, goggles and a face mask called ”Cold Avenger”. No moving parts but a grille which agitates the air and heats it a little as you breathe in. It also makes it harder to breathe – and what with it not actually being cold in Wortley I felt on the verge of a heart attack all the way round!

So – as I didn’t need this kit on the Greenland icecap a couple of months ago what on earth is it for? Well on Sunday 22nd January I set off for Outer Mongolia via Istanbul and Ulaanbaatar. I will be staying in a Ger, I will be running a marathon, and the temperature will be -40!! So I need all the cold avenging I can get!

I have received an invite to a Burns Night supper in Ulaanbaatar and will also be spending some days seeing amazing remote and beautiful scenery in the most sparsely populated country in the world. The world of Genghis Khan!

Whilst the sun is expected to shine - it will be nippy. It’s currently about -25 in Ulaanbaatar and will be -40 in the countryside. My feet should be toasty in these though:

But Chris you mentioned wolves! Yes I did – there is a large wolf population and the organisers cannot guarantee protection from wild animal attack! There will be husky teams running with us that should hopefully keep them at bay. I think I will run conservatively and with someone slower than me (if there is anybody) – then I only have to outrun them and not the wolves!!

However, if you see my tracker start moving at an unfeasibly fast rate then I’m inside a wolf! 

Only 7 people have ever completed this marathon. This is an extreme adventure which I am hugely fortunate to be able to take part in. Stories, photographs and video will be sensational. I will post as much as I can – and blog here again when I get back.

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