Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Wheels are Coming Off - Next Stop Greenland

On 26th October I start my trip to Greenland where I will run the Polar Circle Marathon and on the following day the Half Marathon. It will be absolutely stunning. Here is a picture from last year’s race.

I’m also extending my trip to take in the Icefjord at Ilulissat. I’m hoping to take live video during the race as well as still photographs so I will be able to post some amazing things for you to look at.

Preparations had been going really well until late August when unusually for me illness intervened. To the extent that I thought I would not be running in Greenland. And so I became reckless! And on what I thought might be my last long run for a while I pushed hard and strained a ligament in my left knee. I knew I’d done it because I got a sudden acute sharp pain. Never good news.

But I deliberately pushed on even harder. Which clearly didn’t help – and because that was hurting I put more pressure on my right leg and tweaked my hamstring!! Anyhow it didn’t matter because I wasn’t going to be running Greenland. Only to find out on the following Tuesday that there was no reason why I shouldn’t!!

So I’ve been fighting ever since – period of enforced rest. No running apart from test runs to see whether it was recovering. And then finally last weekend I got a short run without pain – still a bit wobbly and prone to lateral movement hurt, but no acute pain. So 3 weeks to get fit for a marathon followed by a half!

Rapid build-up, but also controlled is required. So this weekend has seen a 14.5 miler at decent speed yesterday followed by a hilly 8 today. Knee and hamstring right on the edge but under control. All my challenges have left me very good at feeling exactly how far I can push without going over the edge.

And hoping for around 17 to 18 next weekend. And that will be fine if I can build a little bit on that before I go. Because the cut off is 7 hours and I will be filming and sightseeing in any case. It’s about the place and the experience, not the run.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone – I’ll definitely have to leave mine behind over the next few weeks!!    

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Scott Umpleby said...

Chris, Brilliant! I look forward to future updates and some fantastic pictures (and stories) from Greenland. Best wishes, Scott