Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Greenland Here I Come!!

I’m setting off tomorrow and on Saturday I will be doing this!

Running a marathon on Saturday and a half-marathon on Sunday. Running might be optimistic – I’m undertrained due to a couple of setbacks. But I did grind out 21 miles on Saturday followed by 7 on Sunday.

Of course this is not about time at all. And the cut-offs appear generous with 7 hours for the marathon and 4 for the half. So I am on a sight-seeing tour with some running!

My kit is ready. I’ve screwed my ice-studs into my running shoes, packed my glacier glasses, dug out my balaclava, and have my wonderful new down jacket for my non-running trip up to Ilulissat and the icefjord.

In some ways I’m testing this lot out for Mongolia in January which will be far more extreme temperature wise (-40 in Mongolia compared with about -15 in Greenland)

Best of all I have tested my new video action camera and providing it doesn’t freeze I should get some great clips. And some amazing photos too I hope. I will be posting these up for all to see but probably when I get back as internet is poor to non-existent and along with phoning it is also extravagantly expensive.

I’m setting up live tracking so those of you who have followed me before and anyone else can follow me either live or after I’ve done it on Google maps by clicking on the link below. I’m not sure what time the races are but I suspect about 10.00am Greenland time – which is 3 hours behind. So by mid-afternoon I think there will be something to track/see!  If there is no data – I’ve either not started or my tracker has been eaten by a polar bear.

I look forward to catching up when I return!!

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