Friday, 27 May 2016

Take Me Home, Country Roads

I ran the 10th Anniversary Windermere marathon on Sunday 22nd May. Unfortunately, I had a poor day with a 4:36. Looking back I’d been busy all week supporting the 10in10 runners and the amazing Paul Dewar ( ), I hadn’t eaten properly and my stomach and everything complained almost from the start.

A bit of a sad way to bow out on a course that has so many wonderful memories for me. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone back!

And all the more frustrating because I’m in fantastic form. Stronger than for several years, yet at my lightest weight for 40 years; faster than ever thanks to my flipper foot being stronger. Although still not durable over 26.2 road miles.

Which is why I’m announcing my retirement from road marathons. Sad – but I’ve had a good run in every sense.

And this year has been the best of swansongs with a magnificent outing in Rome with one of my best running friends – the lovely and gorgeous Jim Meta.

The funniest and greatest day out in London with another best running friend – the almost as lovely and gorgeous Ellan Iaquaniello!

And of course the finale on Windermere which I have run over 30 times. Here are two of my best ever memories – in my life not just in running.

Day 10, 10in10 2010

Day 30, 30in30 2013

 Thank you Brathay Windermere Marathon!!

And so onwards and upwards – maps out, serious off road adventures coming up. And of course those include

·       In October – The Polar Circle Marathon -  a marathon and a half marathon across the tundra and ice cap in Greenland

·       In January – The Genghis Khan Ice Marathon – in Outer Mongolia, temperature -40c, threat from wolves

Thank you to everyone who has been my friend on the marathon road running circuit. Still hope to see you all around from time to time. It’s been a wonderful 21 years.    

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