Tuesday, 26 April 2016

London in a Suit!

Well that caused quite a stir!

Right from the off City Chris, Man-in-Suit, You’re late for work, Looking very dapper – I’ve never been so cheered on from start to finish. It seemed to attract more attention than others in fancy dress.

And as promised I wore it all the whole way round – never once did I lift my hat, nor slacken my tie. Indeed I found myself just checking my tie was straight after 18 miles!

Loads of photos too – from professionals to people wanting selfies with me. Like this one from the Daily Mail – oh yes celebrity status for a few minutes!!

So what was it like? Well to start with the bowler was a bit tight, gave me a headache and I felt a bit nauseous for quite a few miles. I began to get hot around 8 miles – but the cooler weather really helped and I never got too hot. After half way it all felt fairly comfortable and even normal!!

Chafing was under control thanks to liberal amounts of pre-applied Vaseline, but my skin has flared up a bit since.

And the run –I know this is controversial as lots of people love London – well I’ve always said it’s a great day out, but not a great run. And this last (my 3rd) run round 21 years after my first reminded me of why I don’t like the actual run too much.

The macro organisation is great, the micro not so good. Red start 4 – 4.30 runners found themselves behind blue start 5.15 pacers up to mile 3! And astonishingly behind green start 5.00 pacers until after mile 11. Water was plentiful in the first half – and virtually non-existent in the second half when you wanted it. Only 2 sport drink stops. Contrast Rome with stops as regular as clockwork every 5k, all with choice of water, sport drink, food. Etc

And then there’s the bumping & boring, pushing & shoving – I got elbowed several times, including one which took my watch out!

I notice many of my running friends who love London are faster – and of course you get a much cleaner run.

But it is a unique and great day out – it was fantastic to be cheered by so many. It was brilliant to hit the embankment around 24 miles still feeling good and relaxed in my suit. And I believe I was on TV at the end – although looking at my watch. And it wasn’t about the time – I was trying to stop it, not realising it had suffered an end game elbowing!

About 20 Miles
One of the amazing things about the day was that with so many people cheering you, you could still pick out voices you recognised. Thank you Helena Heaton, Paul Iseard, Scott Umpleby, Lucy Gregory – Lucy so sorry to have missed you – I didn’t get your tweet until I got back home yesterday!

Sitting having a coffee afterwards with Ellan (also running for Brathay – here we are at the start) at 4.00pm I realised I hadn’t sat down since I arrived at Greenwich start at 7.20am. It’s one tiring day the London Marathon.

But a great day – lots of money raised. And so many thanks to all of you for sponsoring me.

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