Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Magic Wooden Spoon

Want to know more about my Magic Wooden Spoon? Here is the transcript of an interview I did with the British Athletic Physiotherapy journal.

BAP       So Chris, is it just an ordinary wooden spoon?
CH         Yes in a way – here I am with the product.

BAP       That’s quite a long one – does it have to be a certain length?
CH         Not really – it’s all about how you use it.
BAP       And that’s where the “magic” is?
CH         Yes – absolutely! How you handle it and what it can do for you.
BAP       So how do you use it?
CH         Very simple really – you hold it at each end and rub it up and down any muscle you’d like to treat. And as you get used to it you can vary your action and introduce a bit of rolling as well. Here I am in action …

BAP       Does it hurt?
CH         Well that’s the beauty of it. You can apply as much or as little pressure as you like. It has to hurt a little bit otherwise you’re just stroking it. I like to be in that zone where it hurts but it’s quite a nice hurt.
BAP       Ah – the old agony and ecstasy?
CH         Yeah – it’s a particular S&M sort of thing – Spoon and Massage that is!

BAP       So why don’t you use a foam roller?
CH         Well in my view the Magic Wooden Spoon has 3 advantages over a foam roller:
1.       It’s more focused – you can home in on a particular part of a particular muscle, you can vary your angle of massage so much more, and apply exactly the right pressure so you don’t have to end your session prematurely
2.       It fits far more easily into your hand baggage
3.       It doesn’t melt when you stir the soup with it
BAP       Okay I’ve got that – but why don’t you just use a stick?
CH         I’m glad you’ve asked that! The piece de resistance is actually the spoon itself! You see it cups the calf muscle absolutely perfectly – here I am cupping my calf ….

CH         So if you have a particularly sore or stiff muscle you just cup it with your Magic Wooden Spoon and rub away until the stiffness goes
BAP       Oh my word …… Sorry I just had a moment there …….. thank you Chris for such an enlightening interview.
CH         My pleasure.


Why pay for expensive physiotherapy when you can simply use a wooden spoon?
If this excellent advice saves you some money I'd be very grateful for a small donation to my London Marathon fundraising!

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