Monday, 21 September 2015

Master Cutler Challenge - is ON!

The Master Cutler’s Challenge 2015 is nearly over. The Celebration evening was last Wednesday. Fundraising is over £110,000 and so many people have undertaken so many fantastic challenges to raise this money.

There was hardly a dry eye in the house as we heard wonderful performances from some of Brathay’s young people with the help of Caution Collective. 

And I’ve done nothing! You may remember I was going to run the boundary of the Cutlers’ Company. But I got a foot injury – which is a drawback if you’re trying to run over 100 miles in one go.

But after Wednesday I’ve decided I’ve got to do something and I’ve only got this week. So I’m going to do the run. However, I will have to do it with rests because of my foot and resulting lack of fitness. So I’ll start on Wednesday 23rd around 8.00am Fox House and rest every 8 miles or so (convenient café if possible!). I’ll also rest overnight and resume where I left off. Hopeful to finish on Friday sometime.

I’m doing this to thank everyone who has raised money for the Challenge. To enjoy watching me suffer you can follow me with live tracking on:

It's a bit temperamental but it gives you a good idea where I am. My tracker is called "cheeky" 

I will post every so often to Twitter hopefully with photo @challengethirty.

Do come and stumble along with me for a while if you'd like! Cake, chocolate, sandwich, cup of tea may well be appreciated. Don’t be offended if not! 

I don’t expect any serious fundraising as I’m not doing what I originally promised. However, I have resurrected my page – But please wait until I’ve at least got through the first 20 miles or so. I’d hate to take undeserved sponsorship!


Challenge 30 Ready to Roll Again! 

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