Sunday, 12 July 2015

Daring to Dream!

  • Thursday - flipper treatment with Adam in Ambleside. Getting better!
  • Friday and Saturday - at Brathay Hall for Trustees Meeting
  • Saturday - flipper foot hurting in the morning
  • Saturday afternoon - decide to go ahead with serious test anyhow.

Serious test - run to Great Langdale Marathon course from Brathay. Run 1 lap (half marathon) of this magnificent brutal course. Run back to Brathay.

My Beloved Langdale Course!

Okay so that's ridiculous given I haven't done a serious run since early April! But if my foot goes wrong - and/or I run out of steam - what a glorious walk back!!

Lots of hurty-flipper for the first 5 minutes. Then I notice I'm really going rather well with no pain and excellent movement.
Hit the course - still going well and start remembering all my datum points from Challenge 30 - hard wired into my brain I suppose!

So as I hit 1 hour just leaving Chapel Stile - just as I would on a decent day during Challenge 30 - I had a real test of how I was performing. I also checked the time as I passed the Dungeon Ghyll (usual starting point).

  • An hour after Chapel Stile I would normally be very close to Little Langdale  - on Saturday I was well through Little Langdale!! 
  • And then an hour after the Dungeon Ghyll start would normally see me just off the Coniston Road on a good day. On Saturday I was nearly up to Skelwith Fold.

All unbelievable. In fact 2 amazing things:
  1. My foot didn't hinder my running at all - in fact it worked brilliantly
  2. My fitness allowed me to run full on for 16 miles on a brutally hilly course.
So all my efforts to retain at least some fitness with cycling, cross-training, bag work, gym paid off.
And the ongoing work with Adam Smith of designed2run is frankly remarkable.

I may yet run seriously again!! I'm almost daring to dream, to plan my next adventure - almost.....

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