Monday, 15 June 2015

Flipper Update

So a month on how's Flipper getting on?

Well I've been diligently doing the flipper exercises given to me by Adam, who's confident it will turn back into a functioning foot.

It hasn't yet, but is behaving much better. I've managed some shorter runs (up to 6 miles) relatively trouble free, but still keep having bad days where it simply won't work properly and I'm limping due to lack of function rather than pain.

As it is improving overall and I am getting some runs in without having to favour it or work my right side differently then I'm delighted and persisting. And I'm hoping to see Adam for an update and a bit of further work towards the end of this month.

One thing I've done is to invest in a pair of black trainers so when I don't have to be suited and booted at work I can wear these instead of proper shoes. Much more comfortable

I've also entered a couple of city marathons later on in the year - so I'm confident of a comeback!

In the meantime I've been cycling - particularly at weekends and on days off where I've used my bike instead of my car. And I've been doing more gym work than usual, including cross-trainer and shorter faster outings on the treadmill - where I've got myself to stop straightaway if it starts hurting.

I'd be grateful if you could let me know if you think I've been overdoing the gym work a little ...

So until next time when I hope to be saying "I'm back!"

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Yak said...

Perhaps cut down on the testosterone protein shakes now? Just a thought!