Thursday, 21 May 2015

Flippers and Toe Yoga

I'm just back from a hugely inspirational 10 days supporting this year's Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days Challenge. All 15 runners were magnificent - and have raised a stupendous amount of money for Brathay's work with disadvantaged children.

A side benefit is that the event physio Adam Smith kindly examined my right foot, diagnosed the issues, and treated it. Adam is simply the best physio I have ever met. Not surprisingly he has worked with elite teams and athletes globally, including the England World Cup winning rugby team.

Now I mentioned my right foot was a bit unusual. I'm sure he thought "yeah yeah" - having seen most things before. However, as I removed my sock and shoe his look was one of astonishment - and the other physios from University of Cumbria stopped what they were doing with a "wow - just look at that!"

Adam diagnosed officially that I don't have a right foot - but rather have a FLIPPER!!
Now he wants to release this to the world at large in a controlled fashion - as he believes a fortune is to be made. He has discovered the missing link from when man first emerged from the oceans onto land - and for some reason it's stuck onto the bottom of my right leg!!

Quite why nobody had diagnosed this before I'm not sure - here is a photo

Of course the main question asked was whether I was any good at swimming. To which I replied "yes" - but as only my right foot is like this I tend to go round in circles.

The great news is that all the joints are in excellent shape - but I don't have much soft tissue in the foot and what there is is all scrunched up and stuck together. Years of abuse I'm told - don't quite know what's caused that!!

And it is solvable. I've got some great exercises to do - including TOE YOGA!! Basically I will have got the Toe Yoga sorted when I can play Rachmaninov's second piano concerto with my feet.

In other news I've also had my digestion problems looked at. I've had everything tested from blood to .... And I've suffered the indignities of unwanted intrusions upon my person. And there's nothing wrong. So it must have been just one of those things.

I'm still in excellent shape - more emphasis on gym, cross training, and cycling - but Adam has given me the confidence to start running again. Although it's still stiff - the acute pains have gone which is more than I could have hoped for.

Watch this space!!

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Naomi Newton-Fisher said...

Brilliant news that there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel with the injury! Very, very pleased for you. Nx