Monday, 27 April 2015

Challenge Off!

It is with regret that I announce my Challenge to run round the boundary of the Cutlers' Company is cancelled!

Unfortunately my foot has not mended its ways - and whilst I can run for a couple of hours or so over open country without too much bother, it's not liking long road miles. And with the Challenge entailing around 70 road miles it would be silly to try to endure at times quite severe pain for that length of time.

It's a chronic condition rather than an injury as such - but I'm getting it looked at shortly so will know my future prospects.

I'm not personally downcast - it's one of those things. And I have had, literally and metaphorically, a good run!!

I am disappointed to be missing an opportunity to raise more funds for Brathay Trust and their wonderful work with disadvantaged young people - BUT I am so very proud that my daughter Helena seems to have taken on family responsibility in every way! She ran a brilliant London Marathon in 4:34 even pace gun to tape - AND she has raised over £2600 for Brathay.

So to keep a modicum of my fitness I've resorted to buying a second hand bike from Mick Quirke at the gym - and I'm getting a few hilly miles in on that. As well as spending more time at the gym, cross training, and running off-road until my foot gives up. Here's my new steed:

I'm still a bit hopeful of doing the Windermere Marathon and accompanying Yuk-Lam Collins round her first marathon. She's more than capable of running a great marathon without me - but it would honour my pledge to come out of retirement on that course if she entered her first marathon!

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