Monday, 30 March 2015

Decisions Decisions

Things haven't been going well recently. I'm not prepared or in shape to complete my 100 mile Cutlers' Challenge run.

So do I do it or do I cancel it?

The problems:
  • My right foot continues to give me serious problems over longer distances.
  • And unusually for me I've had a grumbling stomach for a while. Not enough to stop me going to work. Not enough even to make me feel ill. Just uncomfortable and therefore not eating as much as usual.

I was supposed to be doing my longest training run in the weekend just gone - and I'd hoped to get over 50 miles. Well I did get out and I managed 41.5 miles. Which is good news and bad news. The good news is that it was a remarkable effort given how I'd been the week before, with no running or training at all for 10 days.

The bad news is that it wasn't 50 miles and I was barely walking fast for the last couple of hours. I was down on energy but also my foot had given up completely which gave rise to pains, cramps and aches in other parts.

I wasn't in a bad place mentally - it doesn't tend to get me like that. I can rationally accept physical problems without getting upset or distressed. I seem to be able to divorce the two. Nevertheless the prospect of being able to complete 100 seems remote.

And finally good news - I was struggling to stand up on Friday night (feet not legs giving me the problem). But was fine on Saturday and had a decent run on Sunday.

It's all relative of course - I am fit compared to most. But not fit enough for my Challenge. I can do some more training in April which will help - but I will get too tired if I keep on running 30, 40 miles plus runs every week. So there's not a lot more I can do.

So what I've decided to do ...... wait for it ....... is to start as planned at 6.00am on Thursday 30 April and see how far I get. I will suggest to companies and groups who may support me to have a sweep instead of outright sponsorship. How far will I get?? With say half the pot going to the Master Cutler's Challenge charity and half for prizes.

Alternatively supporters may wish to put in a small amount for me having a go. And then a "bonus" were I to make it or exceed their expectations.

I'll feel better about doing it this way as I would hate to suggest people sponsor me when I don't expect to complete. I would feel obliged to recompense them!

There will be a tracker so you can follow my progress live on Google maps - I've been trialling it and will let you know when I've got it all working properly.

Here's a shot of Derwent Dam - which I run under during the Challenge. Famous for the "Dambusters" of course.


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