Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Paradigm Shift

A couple of weeks ago I ran 38.5 miles in one hit over a period of 8 hours or so.
I've trained every day since with only 2 exceptions due to work.
And funnily enough I've felt a bit jaded!

But last week I managed to up the distance and tempo again. On Wednesday I ran a flattish 14 miles, It was out and back and I came back more than 5 minutes faster than I went out, running fairly aggressively for me.

And then on Saturday I was at Brathay for a Trustees' Meeting in the morning. So forgoing lunch I set out on a beautiful but tough (as in steeply hilly) run.
After 2 hours running I arrived at the start of the Great Langdale Marathon. And by hour 3 I'd reached the point I would reach on a good day in the first hour of a Langdale lap.
So in short I was again really pushing over 20 miles of Lakeland hills.

On Friday this week I hope I'll be sufficiently recovered to attempt another huge run. Probably around the 40 mile mark, but this time taking in the whole of the Peak District section of The Master Cutler's 100 I'll be tackling in late April.

The goals on Friday will be to finish, to finish feeling I could have gone on, and to finish without damage. I'll be doing the same as my 38.5 miler - stopping for a coffee and something to eat at various (roughly 2 hour) points. And just keeping a slow consistent pace going - of course the off-road terrain will enforce this.

And this is the paradigm shift. At least I think it is! I keep hearing the phrase bandied round in business meetings not knowing what it means - and realising that those using it don't know what it means either! But it sounds good ...

I'm no longer thinking in marathon terms. I'm thinking in hours, in sets of approx. 5 miles, in running all day, in slow but consistent miles per hour. My "shorter" runs where I can be more aggressive  and tired at the end are what used to be my long marathon training runs.

It's happening - my mind is getting adjusted to it. But it's still very difficult to contemplate all day training runs, runs over 30 miles with the objective of not getting too tired. These are after all longer runs than I have ever done.

My longest run for real was the Laugavegurinn across Iceland in 2008. Around 35 miles. I'm hoping to achieve nearly 3 times that on Thursday-Friday 30 April - 1 May. Here is a photo from Iceland - it remains the most stunningly beautiful and different run I have ever done.

The official launch of the Master Cutler's Challenge is tomorrow.
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