Monday, 12 January 2015

The Struggle

Saturday found me here at the foot of the gloriously named "The Struggle"

It starts in Ambleside and I measured it at 2.6miles to the Kirkstone Pass Inn. All very uphill with an average of 20%.

Within a quarter of a mile of the top I was, for the first time ever, literally bowled over. A huge gust of wind on a very windy day in any case, spun me round and deposited me upside down on the verge! It took me nearly 1/2 hour to cover the last few hundred yards.

You can see I look rather weather beaten here at the top

And to show how far up we are, the little spec in the centre of this pic is Windermere.

I was in the Lakes to support the 2015 team who will, in May, tackle the 10 Marathons in 10 Days challenge I did in 2010. Their training weekend is always inspirational - they're not just doing the running, but also committed to raising a minimum of £3000 each for Brathay Trust's work with vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

Many of them have already surpassed this total. So just the running to go then ....

And it's the same for me. It really is a struggle at the moment. And so frustrating because my legs are so strong and fit and I believe very close to having the required 100 miles in them. But my feet, or specifically right foot, are not.

I ran well on Saturday - but my foot would hardly work at all on Sunday. I'm taking it through everything I can think of to get it working again - including some exercises I was given when I was around 6 to help with them. And that is a long time ago.

I continued a very active programme over the holiday period - some form of strength work most days and a run most days. For nearly 3 months now I've been up around the 25 to 30 mile mark for my weekly long run - usually on a Saturday.

I now have to take that a little further. Which isn't easy in this weather - clothes for every eventuality and fuel to keep me going. Along with emergency phone, compass, whistle, headtorch etc.

I'll be setting up my Master Cutler's Challenge page over the next week.
Thanks for reading and a belated best wishes to you all. May you all achieve what you want to achieve in 2015!.

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Scott Umpleby said...

Chris - inspirational Blog as always! Look forward to reading more about your Master Cutler Challenge. Best wishes, Scott