Monday, 22 December 2014

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas from Gina and Me!

Training took a bit of a knock last week due to a dose of man-flu. As you would expect it was very serious indeed!!

I managed my long run last Saturday - then was somewhat subdued by the lurgy. A bit of a surprise really as I'm not normally affected. It must be the flu-jab I had for the first time ever a few weeks ago!

So during the week I managed a couple of half-hearted gym sessions - and then did a better one on Friday followed by a stint on the cross trainer.
Saturday saw a tentative and slow 6 miler with lots of clothes on and a very warm hat.

And yesterday I felt sufficiently recovered to do 18 miles - very steady, with no over exertion or out of breath at any stage. In truth good practice for the huge long runs I'll have to put in after the holidays.

I'll undoubtedly over-eat and over-drink this week - but I'll also get some lovely runs in during the daytime as well. Hopefully one will balance out the other. Or just about.

Have a super Christmas everybody and here's looking forward to a fabulous year of good health, good fun and great deeds in 2015! 


Kate said...

Chris and Gina - we wish you a very merry and enjoyable Christmas. Thanks for all your wise words and lovely support during 2014. Here's to a magnificant 2015!!! Kate and Mark xx

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