Monday, 10 November 2014

Cold War

A real chill in the air for the first time this week.

And out on the moors by myself I took the decision to abandon and get back to base. Several factors came together to make it, in my assessment, too dangerous to continue: 

·       Much wetter than expected – rocky paths were literally rivers. This by itself wouldn’t have stopped me

·       Huge standing lakes of deep black peaty water blocked the path

·       And underneath bogs – how deep you never know

·       These forced me to be continually scrambling to higher ground to see work rounds.

·       This all made for very slow going and periods standing still working out the next move

·       Add in driving rain

·       So I was getting cold – and also facing a higher than usual risk of getting stuck in a bog.

·       Fine and even good fun if you’re with others – but not by yourself.

 So just over 2 hours later I got back to my car having covered around 9 miles. I sincerely hope the conditions will be better than this when I attempt this section as part of my 100 mile Master Cutler’s Challenge!

Long run Saturday found me having to change my plans again – ascending to Owler Bar, not only was it pouring with rain, but visibility had dropped to near zero. From here my intended route took me out into the Peaks on roads with no pavement. Too dangerous. So I ended up retracing my steps and then running in a large loop round areas of Sheffield I’d never discovered previously. Which is probably a good thing ….

And that’s the problem with winter weather – it takes that little bit more motivation to go out when it’s cold and wet. And if you’re self-supporting for 4, 5, 6 hours you do have to be very careful and flexible with decision making from a safety point of view. Some routes become dangerous, and you can start getting cold.

So I always carry a down jacket, dry hat and gloves, emergency phone, compass, whistle in the winter. And I’m not afraid to call a halt – or pop in to a cafĂ© en route!

Overall training is going well – I can begin to feel my body adapting back to the extra demands. But I will have to start running further. Various weekend commitments and shorter daylight hours are making this difficult. But at least I’m managing one run in the 25 mile plus category most weeks.

Last week’s training was:

Monday       Gym followed by longer run

Tuesday       Gym with heavy leg session including sissy squats. 1 hour on cross trainer

Wednesday Gym followed by run including Jenkin Road climb

Thursday      Gym with heavy legs followed by ½ hour treadmill

Friday            Run on moors (see above) followed by full gym in afternoon

Saturday       23 mile run – shorter than intended due to route change. But a strong performance

Sunday.        Home gym in the garage! Plus short recovery run.

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