Sunday, 30 November 2014

Broken Foot - Domestic Disaster

I ran the fabulous first instalment of the Kirkstall Abbey Trail marathon last Saturday.
A 3 lapper on a muddy and occasionally hilly course taking in the river Aire, the Leeds Liverpool canal and of course Kirkstall Abbey.

Organised by the wondrous Diane Shaw it was fantastic to see so many friends from the Brathay 10in10 Club and the 100 marathon club.

I ran a conservative 1st lap, then pressed on for the second lap in the company of Paul Mason, and carried on with Paul and Ellan Iaquaniello (yep - Yak is definitely easier!) into the third lap. Although I ran well on lap 3 I suffered a total right foot collapse.

Keen readers will know that my right foot is my Achilles heel - haha! It has an extra bone and lots of the bones are fused - all leading to problems. In 2001 during the Reykjavik marathon it collapsed. And subsequently I was introduced to orthotics.

These I have worn ever since but over recent months I've been suffering again. And on Saturday it collapsed again. What does that mean? Well I'm not sure whether anything actually breaks although it feels like it - but it's like a car or a bike if your tyre comes off and you're running on the steel rim. No cushioning, no suspension - harsh and painful.

This last week my foot has felt better without orthotics. But I have to be careful because without them my ankle, knee and hip are no longer inline and my body is not used to this shape. So I've done mainly shorter stuff and walking about - all of which has been kinder on my foot, but has marginally strained my calf in particular and tendons as they have operated differently.

So maybe back to the drawing board with a different less aggressive orthotic after all these years.

I faced the dilemma of what to do with my long run this Saturday - but I need not have bothered worrying as overnight our washing machine decided not to stop filling until it had filled the whole kitchen. Tempting as it was to go out, I felt I had to spend the day bailing out, mopping up, taking up all the carpeted areas and generally managing the disaster.

And of course it had to be this weekend when my daughter was up from London with her boyfriend and my son also came to stay. As it turned out we had a wonderful weekend.

Just got to buy a new carpet and washing machine now. As fast as I earn it there seems to be some conspiracy to take it away. The week before it was a new clutch for Gina's car!!

Hopefully there'll still be some left to sponsor the 2015 10in10 crew!!

Despite all of that I had a 100% gym attendance last week with at least a short run every day and a longer effort over the Langsett Moors today.

Foot was okay for the first hour, but caused some problems after that. However, I'm confident as always that it won't stop me. I'll get it sorted. And if I don't I can cope with it.

Quote of the week:

"In theory there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is"

The great coach Yogi Berra I think. And for all you runners out there it means - make sure you adapt any prescribed programmes and make them work for you. Your own intelligent input is vital to your success.

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