Sunday, 2 November 2014

Another 30

On 27 October 1984 I married Gina and we went to Paris on our honeymoon.

30 years later we went to Paris again. Here she is:

It was a glorious few days, just as it had been in 1984. And I didn't take any running kit.
Another Challenge 30 completed then! But unlike the last one we're keeping going with this one!

So training-wise it's been a quiet week - sandwiched by two long runs. Here's my training since last time:
Thursday -  gym with full legs followed by 5 miles
Friday     -   visiting family in Flamborough so nothing
Saturday -   30.16 miles
Sunday   -   4 miles recovery
Monday - Thursday - Paris - nothing
Friday     -  gym with legs. Light session
Saturday  -  27.11 miles
Sunday (today) - 5 miles recovery

I was delighted to get over 30 miles last Saturday. I wasn't really running much by the end but steadily getting used to huge miles is my plan.
Yesterday my legs were pretty stressed by the end of my run, but I was fine in every other way. Energy was fine, no tiredness except for in my legs, Not distressed or at the end of my tether.

So I've got to work on my legs and simply put more long miles in. The difficulty is that you don't get to the development zone until you've been out there a long long time. Just like marathon training when what you really need to do is train on legs that have done 20 miles - because the difficult bit is the last 6.

This is why I do 2 things in particular:
  1. Train my legs hard in the gym and then run. It's as near as you can get to running on 20 mile plus legs without having first done the 20 miles.
  2. Always run the day after my long run. Again it's the nearest you can get to running on very tired 20 mile plus legs.
The other thing I'm finding difficult is getting long enough routes. I think I've got a huge run planned - only to find when I get near the end that I'm still under what I'm wanting to do. So I've got to add another loop which is not always mentally easy to do! 

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