Thursday, 16 October 2014

Retirement Postponed

Okay so I’m back again! Many of my non-running friends think I’m crazy – but look at it like this:

·       One day (and relatively soon) the wheels will fall off so I’ll have to stop
·       But until then surely I should keep going?
·       There’s no point in thinking “I wish I had” - when I no longer can
·       And if I can help others at the same time then it would be shameful not to
Because I lack time in 2015 I’m attempting something different – 100 miles round the boundary of Hallamshire for the Master Cutler’s Challenge. And that’s a tough 100, taking in some serious off road stuff through the Peak District as well as some very lumpy road miles as far north as Holmfirth and south to Barlow. All in one go.
Set off Thursday 30th April – finish sometime on Friday 1st May. Hopefully ….
I’ll tell you more about the route later – I have worked it all out, photographed it, and ‘am trying to learn it now.

The physical requirements are immense, the training load almost overwhelming.

And here’s an audit of where I start from today.

·       Overweight 
·       Under run
·       Right foot broken down
·       Leading to right knee complaining loudly

·       Otherwise excellent! (Apart from getting a bit old for all of this)

Over the coming weeks and months I’ll take you through the training journey. From talking with many of you after Challenge 30 it’s clear that few appreciate the sheer scale of the training and preparation effort. It doesn’t just happen, I don’t possess some unusual ability that allows me just to turn up and do these things. It is a lot of hard work - the training schedule of a professional athlete combined with a full work load.

So tonight, like most weekday evenings after work, will see me first in the gym for an hour, then out on the road. I do a general all round dynamic weights workout – but at the moment I’m also trying to rebuild my right knee. So some serious, controlled, deep squatting. Keeping everything in alignment so the muscles build in the correct proportions and the ligaments etc stretch and tighten in the right places.

At the moment my knees are sore from this. But when I run it’s already going better with more strength and stability. And when I take a break the soreness soon goes. So it’s controlled pain for real gain. If it starts going wrong then I stop – and I’ll still be better off than before.
A favourite quote
“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights”  Muhammad Ali

And an en route photo to show you some of the terrain

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