Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Einstein v Flu Jab

I went to Boots for a toothbrush and came out with a flu jab.
My first - I was told I am in the at risk age group these days so I thought "well why not?"

And so to Einstein...
  • I'm fairly massive (M)
  • The speed of light is a very big number (C)
  • Ergo - I should have boundless loads of energy (E)
  • As in E=MC2
And yet on Sunday - long run day - I ran out of it.
I've never had quite the same experience before. My legs felt fine - they didn't give in. I wasn't out of breath. I wasn't distressed in the way you get when the wheels fall off in a marathon. I felt fine - but after about 17 miles I just couldn't deliver any energy to my system, to my legs.

I can only presume it was the flu jab - apart from a bruise on my arm I didn't get any other particular side effects, but slight lethargy was given to me as a possibility.

So I suggest a modification:


Where FJ is a relatively and surprisingly huge factor!

Training regime since last Thursday:
  • Thursday - Post work full gym incl legs (1 hour) followed by double hill run up Jenkin Road
  • Friday - nothing. Sheffield Assay Office AGM followed by Brathay Trustees so all work
  • Saturday - very early, very wet run through Ambleside to Grasmere and back via Red Bank. Quite exciting when my head torch expired
  • Sunday - see above. I expired after about 17 miles running round Barnsley boundary
  • Monday - Post work full gym incl legs followed by approx. 5 miles
  • Tuesday - nothing. Working at CQR on the Wirral. Early start late back.
  • Wednesday - Full extended gym from 11.00am. Lunch. 10 mile run out towards Hathersage and back in afternoon.
Coming down to Langsett


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