Sunday, 1 September 2013

Day 2 - Great Langdale

And the day dawned overcast, cool, and slightly more breezy than yesterday

As good a day as any to run a marathon!

I must admit to being nervous as Jim Meta kindly drove me and Gina to the start at the Old Dungeon Ghyll - see sponsors please!

Starting from the ODG and running anti-clockwise you're straight in to the first and biggest climb to Blea Tarn. It lasts about a mile and is 30% in places - if  you find that hard to picture try "bloody steep" - and then some!

I knew straight away my legs were okay as I was fine up the hill. It was just a question of how long they would last - you can be going well on Langdale and then you simply run out of gas and cannot climb the hills. When that happens the laps become 3 hours plus.

Anyhow I was through lap 1 in around 2.25 and running the tyres off Jim and Gina as they tried to follow me! That gave me 3 hours to still come in under 5.30 which was my secret target for my first attempt on Langdale. I started feeling tired at around the 3 hour mark - but after my 3 hour feed I started going well again.

Somewhere between 3.30 and 4.30 without really being aware of it I really was eating up the ground and as long as I could keep running for all 26.2 a sub 5 hour was on!

I requested a Twister from the co-op in Chapel Stile - it was duly delivered and fuelled me the last 3 miles along the Langdale valley - to finish in an astounding 4.55. Now I have run it faster than that - but not after a marathon the day before and not carrying my own stuff.

I didn't expect 1 run in the 30 to begin with a 4. Astonishingly I now have 2 - and not both on Windermere. It won't continue - please don't assume I've had it if my times get worse. I'm trying to protect against injury all the time and won't run too hard if I detect niggles.

Here are some stats:

Cumulative Time Distance Countdown
Time Distance
04:31:00 4:31:00 26.2 759.8
04:55:00 9:26:00 52.4 733.6

And tomorrow I do my first sponsored marathon thanks to the extraordinary personal generosity of Susan & Arthur Good. So tomorrow is the Good Family Marathon. Susan - enjoy your first day back at work! Your family will be renowned throughout - well Windermere!! And of course to many 100's on line all over the world!


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Scott Umpleby said...

A great start - after 'just' two marathons you should be nicely warmed up now! Look forward to reading about Day 3......and beyond. Also, wonderful generosity from your supporters - all to help Brathay's work with vulnerable young people.
Best wishes, Scott