Monday, 16 September 2013

Day 17 - Windermere - Keith & Sandra Jones Marathon

And the day dawned wet, wet, wet
As good a day as any to run a marathon!

I was fairly down this morning - I just couldn't get my ankle to settle and was envisaging a painful day.

It's not crippling pain, just nagging pain but when you're putting your right foot down around 25,000 times during a marathon that's a lot of nagging. And it gets to you.

On the plus side I'd deliberately dedicated today's marathon to Keith & Sandra Jones and I knew I would not be able to let them down.

They have followed just about every step of every challenge and most training runs I have ever done. To the extent that were I to need an understudy I think Keith would have most bases covered. Maybe (and only just maybe) apart from the running! They have also been extraordinarily generous - and have "encouraged" most of their own contacts and friends to be the same!

So I set off and immediately felt quite good. And it didn't wear off. So by half way I was making excellent time - right to the front of my parameters. I approached Bowness (about 20 miles in) expecting traffic problems due to the Tour of Britain. Only to find it the quietest I have ever seen it - like a ghost town.

By ice cream mountain I was nearly half an hour up on target time (5 hours). Then David Grey appeared to support me along with his Mum Margaret and her friend Anne. Both of whom could not disguise the concern on their faces. This disappeared when David explained that just because they knew me didn't mean they had to run with me!!

To the finish in 4.28. Fastest yet and largely because I didn't have a bad patch even though the weather was foul. Lovely to be sitting in the dining room having some soup and watching Shelagh waiting for me to finish outside!!

But - there is a long long way to go. So enjoy the good day, but don't have any expectations for tomorrow. I must go through all my routines tonight and every night, tomorrow morning and every morning.

Thank you for everyone's messages - I really appreciate them all and would love to respond but simply cannot due to time. But I read them all and they all matter to me.

Here are some stats:

Cumulative Time Distance Countdown
Time Distance
04:31:00 4:31:00 26.2 759.8
04:55:00 9:26:00 52.4 733.6
04:47:00 14:13:00 78.6 707.4
05:08:00 19:21:00 104.8 681.2
04:48:00 24:09:00 131.0 655.0
04:55:00 29:04:00 157.2 628.8
04:51:00 33:55:00 183.4 602.6
05:02:00 38:57:00 209.6 576.4
04:38:00 43:35:00 235.8 550.2
04:59:00 48:34:00 262.0 524.0
04:58:00 53:32:00 288.2 497.8
05:27:00 58:59:00 314.4 471.6
04:55:00 63:54:00 340.6 445.4
05:43:00 69:37:00 366.8 419.2
04:40:00 74:17:00 393.0 393.0
05:01:00 79:18:00 419.2 366.8
04:28:00 83:46:00 445.4 340.6

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