Saturday, 14 September 2013

Day 15 - Windermere

And the day dawned Scorchio!
As good a day as any to run a marathon!

I was ankle treating until 1/2 hour before kick off this morning - which was glorious! It's difficult to believe the weather predicted for tomorrow.

And Davey Green duly showed up to run with me - but decided he'd meet me at Hawkshead. He didn't - but met me about a mile before Devil's Elbow - the big hill around mile 7.
Davey looked magnificent in day-glow orange!

He turned back to his car at the foot of the climb and promised to meet me around Lakeside.

I also met Mark Williams for the first time - Mark was at Durham Uni the same time as me, but we don't think our paths crossed. Mark read about Challenge 30 in the Alumni Newswire - and sponsored me £300 immediately. Such unbelievable generosity, very inspiring and it made my day that Mark came out to see me - and he did run the big hill with me! Thanks again!

I picked up Davey again at Lakeside and he kept me pushing on to Fell Foot where he had parked again.

From then on it was down to me - and I pushed on through this most difficult section and made such good time that Davey was expecting to meet me around ice cream mountain (21ish miles) and I surprised him just past Low Wood (24ish miles).

The best surprise, however, was to see my daughter Helena along with Mrs Challenge 30 just outside the rugby club in Ambleside. She'd come up from London to see me so I thought I'd better not stop and walk!

And on to a 4.40. Ankle still a horrible colour, but more flexible than it was. And it was simply glorious on the lawns at Brathay at the end.

So 15 done - and at under 75 hours means a sub-5 hour average which even to me is incomprehensible. The next 15 are harder - how so? Well I've done 8 Windermeres and 7 Langdales so far. The final 15 is 8 Langdales and 7 Windermeres.

Thank you everyone who has supported me and believed in me so far. I think I may have done enough now to convince everyone that this is a serious Challenge. But there is a long way to go!! Day at a time.....

Here's a finishing photo from today - why is Davey in the middle?? Oh - it's symmetry I guess!

And here are some stats:
Cumulative Time Distance Countdown
Time Distance
04:31:00 4:31:00 26.2 759.8
04:55:00 9:26:00 52.4 733.6
04:47:00 14:13:00 78.6 707.4
05:08:00 19:21:00 104.8 681.2
04:48:00 24:09:00 131.0 655.0
04:55:00 29:04:00 157.2 628.8
04:51:00 33:55:00 183.4 602.6
05:02:00 38:57:00 209.6 576.4
04:38:00 43:35:00 235.8 550.2
04:59:00 48:34:00 262.0 524.0
04:58:00 53:32:00 288.2 497.8
05:27:00 58:59:00 314.4 471.6
04:55:00 63:54:00 340.6 445.4
05:43:00 69:37:00 366.8 419.2
04:40:00 74:17:00 393.0 393.0

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