Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Day 11 Windermere

And the day dawned sunny and warm. Gorgeous all day.
As good a day as any to run a marathon!

An early blog today as I try to get everything done before tea so that I can spend the rest of the evening with my feet up - literally! Of course I shall also be tuning in to New Tricks at 9.00am. And maybe some football!

My right ankle is dominating matters at the moment. It isn't great although not visibly swollen. Such a nuisance as everything else is fine. I've had to resort to hi-tec science:
Everyone says go easy and have a recovery day.  But it's not as simple as that. You always have to balance that a longer time out on the road also means less recovery time. So although my 4.58 might not appear to be the recovery run I promised, I did in fact walk all the hills in the second half. With this injury it's uphill that hurts because you're stretching the tendons.

Langdale could be a long day tomorrow but it's all about finishing, not about time. And if I can get this right without hurting anything else there should be more good runs later on. As you can tell I'm more annoyed than despondent because my fitness remains excellent.

In other news I took my car for a spin today - the brake discs were getting surface rust so that had to be burned off! It was lovely - so tempting to keep on driving. But after a nice coffee I slipped back into captivity, regained my parking place and I don't think my escape was even noticed. de de, de der de de de, de de - de de de - de der!!
Here are some stats (you've had the photo):
Cumulative Time Distance Countdown
Time Distance
04:31:00 4:31:00 26.2 759.8
04:55:00 9:26:00 52.4 733.6
04:47:00 14:13:00 78.6 707.4
05:08:00 19:21:00 104.8 681.2
04:48:00 24:09:00 131.0 655.0
04:55:00 29:04:00 157.2 628.8
04:51:00 33:55:00 183.4 602.6
05:02:00 38:57:00 209.6 576.4
04:38:00 43:35:00 235.8 550.2
04:59:00 48:34:00 262.0 524.0
04:58:00 53:32:00 288.2 497.8

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Scott Umpleby said...

Chris - another solid, consistent run. Each day of 26.2 miles shows how spectacularly impressive this challenge is! Great running and fantastic fundraising to help vulnerable young people. Scott