Sunday, 18 August 2013

Wasps and Sponsors

Wasps - now nobody enjoys a wasp sting, but my body seems to like it less than most!
At 20 miles in to my final 30 mile training run (which was going superbly) - disaster struck as a wasp flew straight into my open mouth. Now I'm used to eating the occasional insect - swooping along with my beak open I do a passable bird impression - but I instantly realised this was different as the first sting lanced my inner lip.

Much spitting and frantically clawing it out of my mouth and the initial drama was over. And I was very thankful to have got rid of it before it got further into my mouth. I think a couple of stings in lip and inside front cheek was about it.

It didn't hurt excessively but I'm aware I don't respond well to wasp stings. Fortunately I was  approaching Hillsborough and at 8.45 the shops were beginning to open. I dived into the nearest pharmacy and the somewhat startled pharmacist sold me piriton. I immediately took one and after recomposing myself carried on with my run, which I completed in 4:57. A great time on a really difficult hilly course.

But my problems were only just beginning. I was aware my lip was swelling and posted a post run photo on Facebook- . After appearing to subside it then swelled colossally and 24 hours later was causing my face to swell as well as my bottom lip.

Despite appearances it didn't hurt, and apart from a concerning glimpse of the future as I dribbled and drooled my tea. it was not a problem. A severe reaction, but localised. So I ran again later on today with no ill effects.

And finally nearly 18 hours later it's beginning to subside a bit!

So I've decided I don't want a wasp sting during Challenge 30. But apart from that I'm as pleased as I can be with my form and I'll be easing off now over the final 2 weeks!

The side effect of all of this is something that I knew already - injury, pain, discomfort all draw attention. At last count nearly 200 people had looked at my facebook wasp sting picture! Previous highest viewings were around 60!!

Sponsorship has gone wonderfully this last couple of weeks. Several donations have been made by text which can only be from people who have seen me or one of my family wearing a branded hoodie.
And I met Steve on the train back from London last week. Steve lives and works in Chicago but hails from Chesterfield. Without saying anything he had googled me from my t-shirt and then asked if I was Chris Heaton. We had a most enjoyable chat during which he sponsored me most generously and we will now have followers from Chicago.
Fantastic and great for me and Brathay Trust and all the vulnerable young people who will benefit hugely from such generosity.

Watch out for more blogs over the coming days .....
Thanks as always for reading.

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David said...

That's enough of your lip. Get on with some more running!