Friday, 30 August 2013

Time & Motion

Time - it's all relative according to Einstein!

And I'm about to prove that. It will appear to be going so slowly for me - but hours will have flown past by the time I finish.

And what matters during Challenge 30 is that time doesn't matter. I'm fully expecting to spend many hours out on course everyday. Partly because I'm carrying all my own food & drink, partly because Langdale is exceedingly difficult - and mainly because I must preserve myself for the following day.

And that's so important because in a one-off marathon the bit that exhausts you and leaves your legs not wanting to move the following morning is the last bit. The bit when you put every last ounce in to getting the best time possible. So I've got to resist that and actually ease off then.

So - don't worry about my times!

Today has been great - some nice relaxation with Mrs Challenge 30. And a lovely couple of hours with our friends Mark, Helen & Rose at Colt Park near Ulverston. And I'm all prepared for the morning - here it is:

We received many more donations today - I've run out of time to thank everyone individually now. I hope you understand that and please know that I am eternally grateful for your support. I will get round to thanking you later on.

And the fantastic news is that with Gift Aid included I will be running for over £1000 per day. That is some kind of  motivation thank you!! 

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