Wednesday, 28 August 2013

This Human's Condition

And so - Challenge 30 is all packed and ready to go to Brathay tomorrow.
Strange to think I will not be eating dinner at my own table with Mrs Challenge 30 until into October.
So it may seem odd to have a Christmas photo here - but it will remind me of that homely feeling!

Everyone is asking me how I am - so I thought I'd tell you.

I'm very pleased with how I've delivered myself to the start - I'm not injured apart from the chronic ones to do with my right foot which never go away. I'm strong with endurance - achieving my best ever high rep sets in the gym on all body parts. I'm running well - setting best ever times particularly on steep hills. I'm breathing well - believe it or not this is not always my strong suit. And I'm supple.

At my final weigh in I'm 12st 9lbs / 177lbs / 80kgs. I know this is pretty heavy for a runner but it's the lightest I've been since 1975!! I first dipped under 13st at Christmas and have maintained that since. Being heavy is the trade off for being relatively strong which you also need for this sort of challenge.

And yes - still a bit of spare energy stored! I think I can call it that until after Challenge 30! And it does help a bit sometimes.

Height - well as my son is fond of pointing out I've definitely shrunk a bit. Still over 6' but not much these days. I think this is an age thing rather than having sanded myself down a bit with all the running. Of course if I am wrong about this I will only be 5'8" by September 29th. And I'll have to  move my car seat forwards.

Mentally - well I'm mad. I must be. So many people have said that I am - and people whose judgement hitherto I have respected. And I thought it was just logical - but like many before I may be finding sanity in my insanity!

And there we have it - so it's farewell to Wortley and the next time I write will be from Brathay. From Challenge 30 HQ!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with all that - especially the mad bit.

Good luck. We will see you up there.


Anonymous said...

It seems so inadequate to just say "good luck", however that is what I am wishing you in heaps, keep strong and take care.
Much love
Andrea x