Sunday, 4 August 2013

T -27!

With 27 days to go - lots to report!

Joss Naylor
I am DELIGHTED to announce that the legend, the immortal Joss Naylor MBE is coming to Brathay especially to launch Challenge 30 on Saturday 31 August.  I have included a whole page on Joss
or just look at the tabs above.


Durham University Newswire very kindly published a small piece on Challenge 30 under the Alumni section.
No sooner had it been published than I received my first donation from someone I hadn't seen since I left in 1981.
By the end of the day I had received nearly £1000 including 2 £300 single donations! Overwhelming generosity from people I haven't seen for over 30 years.

And that's been a wonderful recurring pattern recently - such tremendous generosity from individual donors including lots of smaller amounts from people I don't even know which is just so kind. Every pound really does count and is so gratefully received.

Not so good on the training front in that it's been really difficult! Hopefully the combination of post holiday where even though I tried to keep the show on the road I didn't put in the usual mileage and I did put in far more than the usual amount of alcoholic recovery drink - and food!

So back to the gym for 2 intense sessions followed by 9 milers push push pushing with some serious hills. These were fine - good times even in the heat.

However, yesterday and today were 2 just sub 4 hour runs on a tough course. And I ran out of gas on Saturday, just like I did on Langdale before my hols, and on my Strines run the week before. Today I lasted better and overall performed better than on Saturday - but it was hard work.
I'm hoping it's all to do with the heat - and today was the kindest for quite a while.

Looking Forward
I have 3 weekends left before I start! I'm going to run 5 to 6 hours next Saturday to try to get my endurance back. Followed by another 4 hour effort on Sunday. I'll repeat the 5 to 6 hour run the following Saturday with shorter on Sunday. And just the shorter 4 hour run on the last weekend.

I've got one more intense gym week, then I'll still keep going but just to tick over.

I'm not really concerned - my legs are good and frankly if I get 3 hours out of them each day I'll be happy. This is not about time, but about completing - every day for 30 days. My experience of the 10in10 tells me I can get better at the distance as I go along - as long as I don't get injured or over-tired.

This Web Site
I've upgraded with more route description on Langdale, timings on Calendar, a whole new section on Supporting including where to stay, how the days will go etc. Please look at the tabs above.

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"    Steve Prefontaine

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