Sunday, 25 August 2013

Old Kit Bag

Here are some of the things I’m packing ready for Challenge 30. Some are obvious, others less so ….

Running Kit
5 pairs running shoes
10 tops – yellow for visibility
7 bottoms – I always run in long bottoms to hide my legs!
2 waterproofs – 1light, 1 heavy for extreme conditions
7 pairs socks
7 pairs Nike Pro under-pants. Mild compression and snug fit!
2 Caps
Gloves – might get cold
Sunglasses – might get sunny
4 buffs – wear round my wrist for wiping sweat and tears away
2 back packs – identical. Spare in case of malfunction
Gaffer Tape – to effect repairs to above. Also to stick a leg back on.
Running numbers
Post run hyperwarm compression tops and bottoms – keep those rippling muscles in check. Ha Ha! 

Nutrition & on Course Survival Kit
120 Electrolyte zero cal tabs – good for salts, hydration and a counter to cramp
4:1 carb to protein on course drink powder – high carb ration for endurance re-fuelling
150 gels – on course fuel and energy shots
Recovery protein drink
Energy chews – like wine gums but specifically for endurance running
30 Tunnocks wafers – I often like one of these on course. Just nice!
Jaffa cakes – ditto. And actually they are quite good for the job. Mix of slow & quick release
Ibuprofen – just in case anything hurts - can't imagine it will??
Piriton – just in case of another wasp sting!
On course indestructible phone -  in case of emergency
Emergency Andrex-  hopefully will not be used!
Immodium – see above! 

Other Essentials, Life Savers & Luxuries
Vaseline – industrial quantities. Shoulders, back, under-arms, groin – slippery as a bar of soap!
Avoiding chafing at all costs
Foot cream – anti blister etc
Compeed – in case above doesn’t work!
Micropore tape – I intend to finish with both nipples still attached
Cohesive bandage – wonderful stuff for strains and sprains
Germolene – cures everything on the outside
Beechams – cures everything on the inside
Sun cream – vital for one so pale. Also maintains my handsome good looks – ok it doesn’t work!
Foot massage ball
Wooden spoon – for general massage. I’ll demonstrate if you ask!
Matilda cake – Gina’s high cal gorgeous cake concoction
Fanta Orange and Coke – love them!
Grapefruit Juice – oh yes. I’m really splashing out on the luxuries
Peanut butter
Marmite and Marmalade
Loads of bars of chocolate – well if I can’t now, when can I?
Scales – see above!! Actually to pre-warn against excessive weight loss.
"Close your eyes and imagine where you want to be. Imagine the complete journey you need to take in order to get there. Now go pack. Your reservations have been made." Michelle Ustaszeski

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