Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hopes and Fears

I hope I will complete Challenge 30.
I fear I won't - a challenge isn't a challenge without a serious risk of failure.

I hope I will not get injured.
I think I can deal with soreness and tiredness - but I fear injury.
Injury makes the decision making process difficult. If I stop will it be to discover I'm fine a couple of days later? Or if I don't stop will I do myself lasting damage?

I hope I'll be upbeat throughout the 30 days.
I fear the small hours of the morning when dark thoughts accompany the dark night.
I look forward to the start line - once you're on the road you're working, you're doing what you're  there to do. And that takes all your thought and imagination.

I hope I can ignore time and not put myself under pressure.
I fear I know myself too well!

I hope I can eat well
I fear that eating enough will be a source of constant difficulty

I hope it doesn't get too hot
Generally I don't fear the weather - I embrace whatever it is. But I know that heat is destructive. Equally I know how to counteract its effects which is good.

I hope above all that everyone who supports me and Brathay enjoys Challenge 30.
I have no fear on that count!!

Hopes and fears are both natural - you can't think away the fears. You must acknowledge them and deal with them. And of course the more you fear, the greater your hopes. A French philosopher I once studied in the dim and distant said:

"Hope and fear are inseparable. There is no hope without fear, nor any fear without hope"

de la Rochefoucauld  (that's his name! You see contrary to the belief of many of my contemporaries I did pay some attention back then)

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