Saturday, 31 August 2013

Day 1 - Windermere

And the day dawned overcast with sunny interludes and a bit of breeze

As good a day as any to run a marathon!

At last I've started. At last I don't have to think of imaginative titles for my posts. And some of you who followed my progress in 2010 may notice the return of a favourite theme!

I was given a great send-off by many Brathay Staff, the participants on the current Remount course which runs regularly at Brathay for services personnel leaving the forces and re-integrating into "civvy street". And most specially by Gina, David & Ruth, and Jim. David is my long time colleague and great friend - and owner of OSL Group which has sponsored Challenge 30 so generously.

Then I was off - and I experienced a most surprising flood of relief to be out there on the road, by myself, and just running. Conditions were perfect which helped.

By and large today was as easy as a marathon gets. I was running smoothly and economically, being very gentle on the hills of which there are many. Particularly during the second half it's a roller-coaster route. Nothing huge but constant up and down whilst gaining quite a bit of height overall.

Jim slowed me down which was good of him because it stopped me pushing. Now having seen the row that's broken out on Facebook over who actually bought the ice creams at the top of ice cream mountain I'd better tread carefully here. Now although it was Jim who convinced me to stop for one -it was DAVID - I'll say that again - it was DAVID who bought them.

Which was very kind - but don't think for one moment I didn't notice that yours was a 99 and mine wasn't. Of course I do realise who was putting the most work in - you David. And I am very grateful for anything at all as always ....!!

And then I was finished - and the thing I find most difficult started. Trying to eat. I'm normally a trencherman, but after runs find it difficult. So I graze and drink high calorie drinks.

And this is where today Mrs Sandra Jones' wonderful fruit cake came in. Gorgeous and just the trick thank you. (I didn't eat it all by the way!!)

So - onto my first Great Langdale tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how I cope with something so difficult.

Today's finish!

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Martin said...

Glad you've started and good luck with Langdale today, bit cooler conditions, hopefully not too much wind. :) Martin