Thursday, 1 August 2013

Counting Down ....

Got back from hols today and the countdown begins. 30 days to go!

And yes - that is beginning to get frightening.
Kept up a reasonable level of overall fitness on holiday - got some hill running done and a bit of gym work. But no long runs, too much food and too much beer and wine.

Nevertheless the damage is only a couple of pounds - and I'll get the distance back this weekend.

Sponsorship has been absolutely fantastic and so very generous - with people I don't even know sponsoring me as much as £500. And I'm now starting to get more donations in the £10 to £20 range as the message spreads and the event gets nearer - which is wonderful. Every single £1 counts and is very gratefully received.

So to do:
  • update website 
  • get nutrition sorted out
  • check kit
  • buy medicaments and life savers
  • sort addresses and emails for final sponsorship push
  • mental preparations
  • motivators
  • keep running
  • keep going to the gym
  • don't panic
  • don't panic!


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