Thursday, 29 August 2013

Challenge 30 HQ

Well here I am!

It took me ages to move in and make a wonderful Brathay Scafell room (no.3 for visitors) my home for a month. But here I am with every luxury, convenience, food, nutrition, chocolate, cake you could wish for. Thanks Nicky Allen and team - I feel well looked after!

And this evening I had the privilege of being asked to join St Aloysius school from Glasgow who are here on a leadership and development course as they embark on their final year at school. Great to meet you and thank you for letting me talk to you.

So relaxing now - and found this hilarious video Brathay have made about me and my habit of eating wasps!!


Today is the day of videos - catch this from my daughter Helena (assisted by her friend Kate). An inspirational and great surprise!

And yet again to all sponsors - you have been fantastic. Every pound helps and as soon as you come here you can see it helping to inspire and transform young people. Huge thanks yet again ...

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