Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mad Dogs and Englishmen ...

Last extreme "double" before we go on hols a week on Monday. 5 1/2 hours on Saturday followed by 4 hours today.
And what excellent practice it was for running in Spain - I bet it won't be any hotter!

Same thing happened on both days - good first couple of hours, then ability to put energy through legs disappeared. Must have been the heat - because all that gym leg work and all those hill miles seem to be paying off - legs are fine.

Here's a vid of Saturday:

I've been busy all week trying to get letters out to various targeted companies and trusts in the hope that they may sponsor my efforts - it's like a job in itself fundraising! I'm just hoping my efforts will pay off as start day appears and when I get out on course and those cameras and blogs start rolling. Many people have been extraordinarily generous already and my exploration into Twitter has begun to pay off.

Not only for sponsorship but also because Brathay has recruited at least one fervent follower who will make things happen which is great.

So - 1 week to go before a nice relative rest, then a short ramp up again before an equally short taper - and then we're on! Fitness is superb, body in best condition ever, weight come down a bit which is perfect, and it's all come together over the last couple of weeks or so - just as it should. The trick now is just to maintain and get rested before 31 August.

And just to show you that it's certainly not all about abstinence - here is the best summer recovery drink in the world, supplied by my good friends Gastronicks ( ):

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