Sunday, 21 July 2013

Last Langdale!

On Saturday - in the heatwave - I ran my last Langdale in training before Challenge 30.

There was some cloud cover - but nevertheless it was bakingly hot and humid.
First lap went okay - although I was dripping wet from after the first climb.
I turned round to run the second lap the other way round - and after about half an hour the heat became too much.

I slowed significantly, and decided I had to take on an ice cream and cold coke from the Co-op in Chapel Stile. Still with 10 miles to go including Rocket Rod's pass up to Blea Tarn and the Skelwith Fold hills before getting back to Brathay - it just about saved me. It was slow progress thereafter, but I did manage to keep up a trot for all except the longer steeper hills.

This probably says it all

And here is a short video of it all:

5:45 it took me - and I just hope there aren't too many hot days in Challenge 30. Takes longer to recover as well - but I'm fine today and certainly okay leg wise.

Here are my running numbers:

Many thanks to - Pymmwenn for printing my numbers free. Another very kind donation to the cause.

Speaking of which many thanks to everyone who has supported me and Brathay - I'm now around £14k which is great. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!

So - we're all packed and off to Nerja tomorrow. A bit of a relax before the last training push and then we're on!

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