Sunday, 7 July 2013

Coming to the Boil

Phew - bit of a scorcher this weekend! And thanks to our dear friends Jean & Chris for a lovely stay over Saturday evening.

Following my 3 Langdales last week I've been pushing hard in the gym working on one or two weaknesses that showed up.
  • Still more on the legs - can't do  too much on strengthening all aspects of these,  but equally aware I have to stop after first week in August to allow recovery time and rest time from the really heavy stuff.
  • Also a bit more shoulder work - after 3 days carrying my stuff they did tire a bit.
  • And  finally the stability muscle at the bottom of my back - this really did tire.  Apparently  it's quite a small muscle and unless you bother to work at  it, it can let you down. Normally you don't notice as other muscles compensate and then you stop. But day after day it actually starts getting a bit sore. 
Also some severe hill runs pushing  the pace during the week. If  I haven't got much time I try to pack in some really tough stuff at as fast a pace as I can handle to push to exhaustion.

Friday and Saturday saw two tough 2 hour runs within 14 hours - both hot as well, even though at the bookends of the day. On Saturday I was completely out of energy although my legs were fine in themselves. I will have days like this but it reminded me just how hard they will be.

To explore what the problem was I went to the gym afterwards. And it really was a lack of energy because both upper body and legs were equally difficult. So not a specific muscle issue. And then I weighed myself and discovered the problem - I'd lost too much weight too quickly.

To try to protect against this I will be monitoring my weight every day during Challenge 30.

Sunday - all was fine again although boy was it hot out there!

In other news I got my kit last week - many thanks to Sweatshop Meadowhall and please see link on sponsors page by clicking here or simply going to the sponsors tab above. Look at these beauties:

Many many thanks to everyone who has sponsored me recently - every pound is the most fantastic investment in the lives of disadvantaged children. Brathay uses this money in the best way possible to give them a chance to succeed in life.

And thanks to my gym friend Richard Towers for supporting the cause. A cause which is close to him. Richard is EU Heavyweight boxing champion, fights another unbeaten heavyweight in Australia on 25 July, and will be within a couple of fights of a world title shot after that.


A favourite quote for both me and Richard:
"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights."

Muhammad Ali 

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