Sunday, 16 June 2013

Long & Hard

Please excuse the seaside postcard oooer missus heading! Just thought I’d have a bit of fun and see whether any Googlers (? or could it be Googleteers?!) end up here by mistake.
If this is you – well that’s very funny and hope you enjoy it. And maybe even bung me a £10 for disadvantaged kids??
Well yesterday really was long & hard. Certainly over 30 miles and did the route the tough way round. Fairly benign first couple of hours from Wortley to Hillsborough and out along the Rivelin Valley (actually a bit more of an uphill drag than I thought it would be). But then the remorselessly long climb up Manchester Road (just over 35 minutes with no let up), and followed by the real up and down steep hills from there to home via Strines, Agden, Bolsterstone and Finkle Street. All of them tough.
It went okay all in all. In fact I felt worse to start with than towards the end. I’d been suffering from a lack of training due to work during the week, and the one session I did manage was intense and left me with sore knees and hips. Both worrying but I think/hope just due to excessive intensity.
And this may sound daft – but also due to not being able to train on successive days.
I will be running today of course – as soon as I’ve finished this!
I took my camera yesterday – and it packed in. Hoping to get another shortly so more video for you on its way and I’ll be doing more YouTube stuff as time goes on in practice for daily clips during Challenge 30. Yes you will be able to watch me fall apart over 30 long days!
More significant news this coming week on Challenge 30! Watch this space …..
“You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face.”

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