Monday, 10 June 2013

Hot Days in the Sun

I attempted back to back very challenging long runs on both Saturday and Sunday. With the unusual recovery of a wedding reception on the Saturday evening! Both Gina and my two (grown up) children are, I trust, very grateful that I avoided doing any "Dad dancing"! Not that I could have begun to match some of the wonderful proponents of it that were on display!!

I began to run out of steam on Saturday after around 3hrs 30 mins and probably ended up drinking to much. Somehow when it's hot and when the wheels fall off a bit you tend to do this. On Sunday I approached it differently and rather than drinking a lot, I made sure I really swilled the water around my mouth and on my lips. Because on reflection I think I wasn't dehydrating but rather my mouth was dry and parched. Make your mouth more comfortable more regularly and I managed better.

The hills did take their toll - but day 2 was as good as day 1 after the first 15 minutes or so getting back into it. And even on a Langdale type course on day 2 I think I would have got in nicely under 6 hours.

This doesn't sound great - but I'm doing all of this carrying my own water and food etc and without physio support back at base. What the latter means in particular is that as soon as my legs feel stressed, tired, uncomfortable I have to ease off - otherwise it will start accumulating and I won't be able to get them ready for the start of the next day.

Work on all fronts is conspiring at just the wrong time to leave me with very little training time and a far from clear head - focus has been really difficult and what with fundraising becoming an almost full time job as well I've been really struggling to be honest. Somehow I have to get back to the basic requirement of running.

I always say to any would be marathon runners - your challenge is to run a long way. The best way to prepare is to practice running a long way. It really is that simple and it's something that although I've not forgotten, all sorts of things are taking away from this.

So - back to basics!

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