Sunday, 30 June 2013

Apres Langdale 3

A review of my training weekend ...

There was a time when I was fairly fit and entered the Great Langdale marathon. I gave up after 1 lap. My only dnf.
I've completed it 3 times since - with wobbly legs and wouldn't have fancied doing it again the next day. It is a very, very difficult course.

So quite how Aly Knowles from @Brathay convinced me it would be a good idea to alternate between Windermere and this for 30 days I do not know!

As I'm trying to raise a huge sum for Brathay it is vitally important that I do have a realistic chance of completing the challenge. The total raised so far is beyond my pocket to reimburse so a real test of my ability to complete was necessary and I'd planned this 3 day assault on the Great Langdale course as far back as Christmas.

The positives are that I have completed. For self supporting my times are not disastrous. My legs are still quite loose. No significant niggles have endured or become worse. Could I do it again tomorrow - yes without doubt. And of course I'm not doing 30 Langdales in succession. Can I manage my legs, body, mind without professional support, without ice baths, without taping etc - yes so far.

My running and strength training have taken me to the place I need to be, which after all was my test.

The negatives - on days 2 and 3 my ability to run up the steep hills failed. However, my legs weren't destroyed, I could still run the rest and I could still start the next day and do another 18 miles before they failed again.

I was also reminded of all the 10in10 negatives that still pertain: sleep when most needed is difficult because your legs ache and are alive with electrical activity when the rest of you isn't; eating for me remains difficult. My mouth gets so dry solid food straight after is difficult and even later on I find it difficult. You get fed up with sports drinks and gels - oh how a nice cup of tea on course would have been great today! In fact my purchased coke was so very refreshing if a little gaseous! The worst hour is the hour before dawn - when all your demons crowd in. Actually making a start out on the road is a relief.

So can I do #30in30? I've done 3 successive Great Langdales and feel okay - I'd never have believed that was possible. I'm near the top of my game - yes folks believe it or not this is as good as it gets for my old body. So the answer is YES - YES I believe I have a very good chance .....

A huge thanks to everyone who is following me - there will be a slight lull now, some warm weather training (Gina calls it a summer holiday!), 2 weeks of serious training and then we start. You have all been so kind - and I leave  you with the words of one of my work colleagues and friends who upon reading my strap line

"Because Young People Matter"

said it was one of the most beautiful things he had read for a long long time.

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Well done Chris!