Monday, 27 May 2013

This is Getting Serious!

September seems an age away. In fact it's 14 weekends until I start - and I've got a holiday before then so not much training time left!

I continue to try to do at least 1 very long run (marathon or more) each weekend to get used to time on my feet. And as many other runs as possible. A secret trial looms in June when I will try 3 Langdales back to back.

This weekend went okay - every run now is exactly as I will do for real. Carrying everything, slow short stride running style to minimise the risk of injury, keeping legs loose as possible. The only difference is that I'm pushing on when it hurts - I won't be able to risk doing that during Challenge 30 because I have no physio back up. So as soon as I start hurting or seriously tiring I will have to manage it home with walk run walk.

Injuries largely at bay - slight concerns with left hamstring and perennial/congenital right foot problem. But now I'm not pushing to go faster the hamstring is mending fast and many miles go by without me being aware of it.  Main problem is sciatica - I'm getting old I guess but a constant pain is wearing. And it stops your muscles firing under your total control so you either get bits that don't work, or bits that over work because they're not getting the right messages. Right calf is prone to this overuse. I'm trying to stay off the vitamin I (ibuprofen), but if I'm really struggling the good news is that an ordinary dose once puts it right for the whole day.

Slowly getting everything else in place too: kit beginning to accumulate; medical supplies; things for my room. And I've just set up an event facebook page to be followed shortly by Twitter. Then the real marketing and fundraising push will start.

A HUGE THANKS to so many people who have already been so generous. Including several who I don't know or have only met en passant.

And finally - loads of people asking me why? Well largely it's because I think I can and it's the only thing I can think that I can do to raise a lot of money for wonderful Brathay. If I may have what is required to take on this incredible challenge - why not use it one last time for a fantastic cause?
Guy Martin - TT Motorbike Racing Legend - answered the question "why" with this wonderful quote:

“But really, I was driving down the dual carriageway and saw a guy about my age, in a people carrier, kids in the back, bonnet up, steam coming out of the engine, wife at his side giving him all that. What's he do at the weekend? Mow the grass? Wash the car? I mean, how can I explain something like this to someone like that? It's just not in his DNA.”

And that's why I can't really explain "why" convincingly to those who think it's just insane. It all seems so logical to me that I should attempt Challenge 30. Probably that's the problem!!


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jim said...

It's the idea that we think we can that challenges us to try. I know "You" can as you have the mental strength, and have put in the training. I agree about the Doms, the more long runs I do the less I get them.

keep upthe good work