Monday, 20 May 2013

Double Helping of Windermere

My plan for Friday was a run up into the hills, then drop down to Hawkshead to see the 10in10 runners through on their 8th day. Hawkshead is about 4 miles into the Windermere marathon course.

So I duly arrived at Hawkshead just in time to see Rik Vercoe, Tony Hooper, Fozzie, Phil Eccleston and Malc Collins charging through. And then the others in broadly the expected order.

But where was Craig? Answer - a long way back and walking. Left knee apparently refusing to bear any weight. So some emergency physio and I offer to go with him the rest of the way. A peculiarly enjoyable day - Craig was told not to run downhill - but he could run up hill. So a bizarre marathon of multiple hill sessions! Where most times you walk up Ice Cream Mountain at 21 miles, we walked to it - and then charged up it at a heck of a rate!

And what may well be my last official lap of Windermere - the Brathay Windermere Marathon 2013 on Sunday. Brathay was blessed with fine weather, an exceptional field, and more visitors than I have ever seen - all raising funds for a great cause.

I went round in 4:19 - self supporting and testing out a new back pack. Designed by and for self supporting ultra runners. It was okay-ish. Not enough attention to detail though for my liking - zip pouches not long enough for a standard size gel; cleverly designed bottles, but no fluid level markers on them; the usual miles of excess strapping. Sizing hopeless - I fit every single criterion for a large, Yet it is too big in almost every way. A few modifications beckon and it's worth persisting with because you don't have to take it off to feed and you don't have the pendulum effect you get with a ruck sack.

And finally welcome to all this year's successful 10in10ers - you were magnificent. Best year yet in every way.

"life’s greatest gift is the opportunity to work hard at work worth doing”

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