Monday, 22 April 2013

Launch and General Ramble!

Tonight it's best bib and tucker - for an exclusive Challenge 30 launch dinner at Cutlers' Hall Sheffield.

32 of Sheffield's finest - ah no, make that 31 because I'm included in the 32! And it should be a hugely enjoyable evening because it's with partners (who often don't get to see places like the Neill room), no business agenda and me talking about how I'm going to suffer in September.

The dinner is being hosted by my great friend and colleague David Grey who owns OSL Group - see on the right as event sponsor. And of course I hope to enthuse those present to sponsor me. But more importantly I hope they will follow me during Challenge30 and pass it on throughout their networks. I'm hoping it will become like a 30 day soap opera (plus the week beforehand) - there will be video, tweets, blogs, facebook etc every day. Has he made it yet? What was today like? How much is he hurting etc etc? Fun, drama and vicariously living through one of the world's epic challenges!

In other news - I did some running at the weekend. And I will be tackling a full Langdale next weekend as I am at Brathay for a board meeting. And then stepping it up from there in terms of intensity. Injuries and niggles all under control at the moment.

Many congratulations to Karen Edmonds (Brighton) and Lucy Gregory (London) who completed their first marathons in superb fashion. The training paid off - and I hope I helped at least a little with my training programmes.

Finally - comments! I've turned off comments for the time being as I was being spammed to death with pillocks trying to put links on to all the usual stuff. I mean viagra is the last thing on earth I'll want during my 30 marathons!! You can still comment if you have an account. And I will turn open comments back on again nearer the time - hopefully a little absence will have taken me off the spam radar.  


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