Sunday, 7 April 2013

Good News and Bad News

"Which would you like first?"
"I'll have the bad news"
"We've had to amputate both your legs."
"Well what on earth is the good news?"
"We've managed to sell your slippers to Mr Smith in bed 4!"

And that is how my long run was yesterday. All fine to 4 miles and then a sharp pain in my left hamstring brought me to a sudden halt. Stop to massage it, make an improvised bandage, get dressed again and walk.
Gradually break into a nervous jog. Lasts 5 minutes before it goes again. Repeat.

So the bad news, which really is bad news, is my left hamstring was gradually ripping.

The good news is that after nearly two hours I developed a modified gait which reduced it to a dull ache. Sharp pain - very bad news. Dull ache (like pressing a bruise) - tells you your hamstring's wrecked, but you're not making it any worse!

And the even better news is that I still completed my run of around 31 miles in just under 6 hours.

So devastated about my hamstring, but delighted I coped and continued and found a way round it. Because that is what I will have to do on Challenge 30.

This morning - well I could certainly go out again and walk and do a bit more than walking for at least some of the time. So bad news "yes". But all bad news - "certainly not"!!

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