Sunday, 14 April 2013

Druridge Bay

My first "official" marathon of the year - and there will only be three!
Considering my hamstring problem from last week I'm delighted with 4:36. I only managed 4 miles before problems struck last week.
Diligent injury management and runnning management had got me back to just under an hour before it tightened up on Thursday.
And today my target was 1 lap before walking - 6.5 miles.

So when I completed 2 and was still going fine - over the moon!
Even more so when I completed all four without stopping.

And  I just loved the Druridge Bay facial - turning 180 degrees to run up the beach for a mile or so each lap it's fair to say it was a head wind. So strong that by lap 2 people were holding on to each other to prevent being blown backwards!!

And by lap 3 when the sand had dried out it was a full on sand storm being blown in to your face. Several were walking backwards into it but I loved it! Head down and get on with it. Might have blown a few hairs out though. I notice I'd gone a bit bald on my return!!

I made up so much time on other runners every time we hit the beach - to the extent that several people I'd not seen since the start, not even in the distance, were gradually overhauled along the beach for the 4th time and never got back to me again.

I do seem to thrive relatively in adverse conditions.

Back home now and feel pretty much recovered which is great. I must be doing something right in training! 

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