Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Treading an oh so Fine Line

There is a very fine line between fitness and injury - and I am perilously balanced on it right now!

Despite the continuingly awful weather I'm on a streak and this current phase of training peaks at the weekend. We're staying with some friends in a hotel Saturday and Sunday - and I'm running there and back. About 26 hilly miles both ways.

These will be my15th and 16th days of running every day and gym training 10 of those 16 days as well. I've certainly reached another level: body fat down, core improved, leg and in particular glute strength way up, severe hill running every single day plus long hilly runs at weekends.

But I'm very aware I've reached what feels like a level of tautness - key muscles right on the line between excellence and injury. I saved myself from a hamstring tear in a split second yesterday - a twinge on a lift and I instantly stopped. I did feel it later when running but ran through it and now today I'm away from that edge but won't weight it tonight.

Hurt a bit and you can push through. Actually injure yourself and you can't. The difference between the two is impossible to describe, maybe trial and error even - but with time you get pretty good at knowing when you can push through (and actually recover stronger) and when you have to stop to prevent serious damage.

Of course if you're elite in your sport and giving it everything full range all the time - then the slightest hurt or soreness is a problem and you have to stop - but being old, not very good and going for endurance means that I'm never operating at anything like full range. And that's actually quite good for running through pains and minor problems and getting them gradually stronger and better. Also I reckon that after an hour or so your brain gives up on you - "well the silly old fool isn't going to stop so I might as well stop sending hurty signals through"!

Funny how you can live a separate existence from your brain. Although I know quite a few people who seem to manage it most of the time!

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jim said...

I don't know how you fit it all in. I think your gym work helps with staying just this side of injury. I need to get back in the gym. Have a good weekend.